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Teeth Whitening

Do you teeth look yellow, brown, or tarnished?

Would a brighter smile improve your confidence?

Do you have an important event, like a wedding, reunion, or job interview coming up?

If you smiled in your school yearbook photos, you’re statistically more likely to have a successful career and marriage.

With two ways to whiten, Dr. Haygood can customize treatment to meet your unique needs. For the quickest way to a smile that gleams up to 10 shades brighter, the doctor will recommend Zoom! Whitening, our in-office system. If you would like to lighten your teeth dramatically, but gradually, our professional strength home teeth whitening kit is your best option.

Zoom! Whitening

Worldwide, over one million smiles have been transformed with Zoom! Whitening. The safe, effective, and super-fast chairside whitening system uses a special light-activated gel to penetrate deep stains and lift them to the surface where we can wash them away. With Zoom!, plan to spend just over an hour in the office – and plan to leave with a bold, beautiful smile. Learn more about Zoom! Whitening here.

Home Teeth Whitening

Some people prefer a subtle transition to a whiter smile. With professional home whitening, your teeth will lighten dramatically over about 14 days. Dr. Haygood will create custom trays to hold a potent bleaching gel close to your teeth. Wear the gel-filled trays for an hour or two each evening. Optimal brightness will develop in two weeks.

Whiter Forever

Does teeth whitening last? Yes! Here’s why: While everyone has different genetics and habits that contribute to tooth discoloration, Dr. Haygood will provide you with custom home whitening trays and prescription bleaching gel. Use the home kit to brighten your teeth whenever they need a touch up!

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